Youth StepUP

Canterbury Bankstown is an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community. The 2011 census reflected that one in three people in Bankstown were born in a non English speaking Country and that one in two speaks a language other than English at home.

This increasing diversity makes the City a vibrant and interesting place to live. The most common overseas birthplaces in Canterbury Bankstown in 2011 were Lebanon, Vietnam and China, followed by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, India and Egypt. There are also new communities moving to Bankstown such as the emerging African communities.

Youth StepUP was created as a direct result of high unemployment rates amongst youth in Canterbury Bankstown. The youth unemployment rate in Sydney's east is only 4.1 per cent, while Canterbury-Bankstown in the west is the city's worst-affected area, with an unemployment rate of 19.1 per cent for people aged 15-24. The national youth unemployment rate is 11.6 per cent, compared with a national unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent.

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Youth StepUP focuses on providing a cultural bridge into the Australian Labour Market, equipping refugee and migrant youth with the tools they need to find their way in this sometimes complicated system they need to navigate. The primary aim is to strengthen soft skills development in young job seekers increasing their opportunities to attain employment.

Youth StepUP aims to increase awareness amongst local community groups about educational and training opportunities. By familiarising them with key players in the work environment such as Unions, Human Resources, Industrial relations and other departments that can assist them, they become empowered in their journey. Youth StepUp also provides opportunities of youth to attain employable soft skills such as body language, presentation skills and cultural awareness training.

Youth StepUP will endeavour to bring any current updates on training in soft skills, cultural awareness, communication skills and educational support through this webpage and our Apps. We will also provide links to appropriate employment support sites.