Youth StepUP

Youth StepUP focuses on providing a cultural bridge into the Australian Labour Market, equipping refugee and migrant youth with the tools they need to find their way in this sometimes complicated system they need to navigate.

The primary aim is to strengthen soft skills development in young job seekers increasing their opportunities to attain and maintain employment.

Canterbury Bankstown City Council in partnership with MTC Australia, Department of Human Service Centrelink, NSW Education & Communities State Training Services, Greenacre Area Community Centre and Melkite Catholic Welfare Association have been working with youth related employment initiatives in Bankstown for over four years.

Youth StepUp has produced the Youth StepUP Facilitators Guide and Workbooks that aim to simplify the Australian Labour Market, explains the Cycle of Employment, covers aspects of Cultural Awareness, introductory Presentation skills, Resume writing and Interview skills. The workshops are interactive and contain opportunities for role plays and mock interviews.

We aim to help young people understand that their cultural diversity is an asset.